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What is the philosophy behind SALOHEA?


On the one hand, SALOHEA is a sanctuary, a place of love and healing for many different animal species.

On the other hand, it is also a place of love and healing for people who live here permanently or just spend a few hours or days with the animals in our wonderful nature.


We have welcomed many people who have been transformed after meeting our animals. It is a magical place where hearts can open up again and a connection to Mother Earth can be created.


Many people today feel lost, lonely, ill, exhausted and can no longer find meaning in their lives. And this is exactly where our animals can help them to heal again.

When you hear the stories from our animals about the terrible and horrible experiences they have had with people, and yet meet visitors with love and openness, it is fascinating and healing for everyone at the same time.

Dogs in particular, with their absolute and unconditional love, are a true miracle for many people. When you are with dogs, you can sometimes literally see the door of people's hearts open when two souls find each other.

Horses, on the other hand, are very different from dogs. You don't usually find this unconditional love with them straight away, because horses have other gifts that help us humans to reconnect with everything that is.


It is not without reason that horses are said to be mirrors. In our experience, horses already know about our state of mind and soul as soon as we enter their domain.

We have even been brought "radically" into the "here and now" by them when our thoughts were somewhere else entirely.

If we engage with the horses openly and with the will to listen, then true miracles can happen here too. Everything is interconnected and in this interplay, a balance is always created in the endless cycle of time.


It was not our plan to set up a sanctuary, we simply opened our hearts and allowed our minds to rest more. On the level of the mind, a lot of what we do doesn't make sense, but pure, logical thinking has unfortunately led most of us very far away from natural life. Everything needs a balance.

For many people, what we do here makes no sense, as animals have a "purpose" to fulfil in this day and age, even if it is just to make money. When we are asked what we do with all these animals, we always answer "we are with them", because they don't have to serve a purpose with us. They simply live here with us.

And all people who are open to this can become aware of this true shared "being" again and live it out.


SALOHEA is a place of connection to "all that is", very practical, without spiritual and esoteric effusions, without hours of meditation or retreats; and also without gurus and simply very close to real life.


It is a place where you can spend peaceful time together with nature's creatures, heal together and learn to understand what unconditional love is.


There are no promises of healing here, nor are our animals obliged to help or heal anyone. That would be a completely wrong understanding. People who come to us only need the openness to let things happen and not to assign their own expectations and responsibilities to anyone else.

Everyone is responsible for themselves and no one else can heal you, only support you. Healing can only ever happen through your own mind, will and body.


Basically, it is about calming your head or mind in order to feel your soul again, to get in touch with your true self and to become one with everything that is.


Finally, a wonderful quote that shows what SALOHEA means for us and the path we are travelling together:


"The adventure of life is to learn.

The meaning of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to master it.

The essence of life is to care.

The opportunity of life is to serve.

The secret of life is to dare.

The spice of life is to make friends.

The beauty of life is to give."


William Arthur Ward



If you would like to find out more about us and our current activities, please follow our blog.

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Taming Wild with Elsa Sinclair

Weekend seminar with Elsa Sinclair from June 28th, 2024 - July 1st, 2024

Known for the documentary Taming Wild.



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