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Animal adoptions

Since we have observed at many animal shelters and shelters over the years that adoptions are made primarily based on appearance and less attention is paid to whether the chemistry is right on both sides and that the new dog owner also meets the dog's needs in the long term our adoption follows a different concept.

Adoption process:

After the initial contact, a visit to our sanctuary for at least two days will be agreed upon together.  

After the sanctuary has been introduced on site, the first contact with the chosen animal takes place. This initial contact lasts several hours and is accompanied by one of our helpers. If desired and if this seems sensible from our point of view, it is also possible to have the dog with you until the next day to see whether you can get along with the animal on your own. On the second day we will be available to answer questions and there will be further information and tips from our side about general dog ownership and the animal itself. If nothing contradicts us, the animal can be taken home the next day. Before departure you will receive all the necessary documents. All dogs are chipped and vaccinated and usually neutered or neutered. Before departure, there will be another health check by our own veterinarian. 

We will also be happy to provide you with advice and support afterwards. You can contact us via a special support address or telephone number.

We generally prefer our dogs to be able to live with other dogs, ideally with your best friend. 



Two nights and all inclusive meals and on-site support costs €200 per person. Additional people cost €150. Children up to 14 years are free. 

If an adoption takes place, these costs will be offset against the adoption costs of €400 per dog.

An overnight visit does not mean that an adoption has to take place. The decision as to whether an adoption can take place is made solely by our employees, who are mainly based on the overall circumstances on site and, above all, on the dog's reactions to the possible new dog owner. 


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