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All donations go 100% to the animals to ensure the best possible animal care. No administration fees or other costs will be deducted from the donations!

In our purely privately financed sanctuary there are currently 5 rescue donkeys (rescued from poor husbandry or from slaughter) and 2 buffalo cows with calves, which we bought directly from the slaughter transport. Likewise, over 50 dogs of all ages have found shelter with us, having been thrown away like rubbish or abandoned.

All dogs are fed a good quality food at least twice a day. Most of the time, there is enough  left over from feedings, so that individual dogs help themselves between meals as needed. 

Where possible, we use preventive measures to maintain health as best as possible and thus keep vet costs as low as possible.


The vast majority of dogs are already neutered or spayed (those who are already of the appropriate age). 

 All dogs live together with us and the other animal species on our large pastures and can enjoy spending the whole day together with their conspecifics, the other animals or the peace and quiet under a bush or tree. Depending on the season, sunbathing and mud baths are also popular, or a swim in the bathing lake that we created for our animals this year. 


 Of course, the costs for all these animals are a significant cost factor and so we are happy when animal enthusiasts support us financially.

You can find out more about how you can support us on our Patreon page.

On behalf of our animals, we thank you very much for your support!


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