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Our animals



The horses

All horses, including the stallions, live on large pastures and together in herds of different sizes. 
No animal is kept alone! 

Our horses live in robust housing, as this is best for the horses health and comes closest to their original way of life.
This means they can go where they want, day or night. Open stables are available for retreat and protection.  
They also have food and water available around the clock .


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The dogs

All our dogs live in complete freedom. That means,   they live together with us and all the other animals on the pastures and can move freely on the site   day and night. 

They have various retreats and lots of space to run, play and romp. They like to use the small bathing lake that we recently created for the animals to cool off. 
There are various accommodations and dwellings available for sleeping.

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the donkeys

We currently have 5 donkeys. Three of them live together in a group with the horse mares, the two Eselhengste stand together with horse stallions, in 2 different groups.
Both donkey stallions were sometimes badly abused, one of them constantly kicked and bit us for the first 2 months when we came too close.
The other donkey stallion can now slowly be touched because he was permanently chained with a 1m long leash for a long time without any protection from sun and rain.

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The Buffalos

At the end of January 2022, we were informed by a farmer friend of ours that there were 2 buffalo cows on a slaughter transport and that we had to choose one that same evening, as they would be slaughtered the next day. We were shown the 2 buffalo cows to choose from and told that  could both be pregnant. 
We didn't have the heart to sentence either of them to death, so contrary to our original intention, we bought both. 
A calf was born in August. 

A cow and her calf, who were bullied by the previous herd and therefore found refuge with us, also feel part of one herd with the buffalo.


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The goats

So far we only had wool goats (with horns), now the first milk goats (without horns)  have also been added. 
They are currently in an enclosure, in the future we will have them clean peripheral areas, because no other animal removes disturbing undergrowth and impenetrable bushes so well. 
However, this requires supervision to ensure that they really only clean the areas that are required. A goat's appetite knows no bounds... 


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